Friday, March 12, 2010

"Living the American dream" to "Living the American nightmare"{A nations' debt,and its governments' financial ignorance}Americans educate Americans

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1. A year after launch, the Obama administrations 75 billion dollar housing help program has failed. The mortgage plan is hurting economic recovery. Homeowners in foreclosure have hit a record number proving that HAMP failed every practical measure. In March of 09’, administration officials said the plan would help 3 - 4 million homeowners avoid foreclosure, while now, almost a year later, it has only helped 116,000 homeowners attain a permanent loan modification; And is currently showing only over a million homeowners receiving temporary fixes on their mortgages.

If we got rid of the Electoral College, what kind of impact would this have on presidential politics?

2. I think the many promises made to the people and the few of them kept have a great impact on presidential politics. If the president makes mistakes like this after less than a year later since HAMP launched, it shows how indecisive he is. The people perceive him as being out of the loop, and not as informed as what he had implied during his campaign. With mistakes being made, in which the repercussions is losing your home, or causes Americans to go into a financial crises, come re-election the damage this “mortgage plan” debacle has caused to the financial state of an “American family” will be irrevocable. Come re-election, it could go either way. Those in office lose touch with the people, and while they can see the financial crises, we are in; they are not able to grasp, exactly how much financial turmoil they have caused the average American family in the future. Usually those who re-elect the president are ones voted into their position by people who share the same mind set as they do. The people knew, or at least know now, who they voted to represent them for decisions like this. The families that had been avid home-renters were “informed” that this plan would work are now in financial trouble because it is not.

What impact would it have on the president while he/she is in office?

3. I believe that it would have an impact on how they act in office. To answer to the people and not to others in office, would knock a person in office down a few pegs. That is why we have terms of office; even the people make mistakes on who we vote to represent our state and our country. We can only go by what they said during campaigning and we only know what is in the news. We only recognize our vote as a mistake or not after the election when our hope for a change, is squashed by a disappointing outcome such as (HAMP). Honestly, how president Obama did not understand that with his 75 billion dollar mortgage plan for homeowners from last year was pushing our nations pocket book as it was. Therefore, when he said, "I want to know. Why we are not doing more," When it came to Haiti's natural disaster; how much more can we do? Our nation is in a financial crisis. The American dollar will be worth less than dirt at the way money is being mishandled and wasted on things such as the waste of money by congress, on office supplies, or mishandling money with plans such as HAMP that aren't as fail proof as what we were lead to believe. Our country will be in foreclosure. While the rest of the world views our death penalty as "human rights atrocity", sees our culture as believing in ethnocentrism, but then something horrible goes on in another country, and we jump to assist them. Therefore, either way our country is in a deep whole of financial and political disarray, but we need to find a way from sinking deeper into that whole, not carrying the weight of other countries issues, while still dealing with our own.

My discussion board responses from fellow class members:

Response 1: Loletha

In response to your DB, I believe some of what you stated is true. However, the President came in this trying to correct mistakes made before he came into office. Yes, we have many foreclosures and it is looking up just a little. Nevertheless, some people need to understand that it takes time to get this economy in a steady flow and you have to make mistakes to get somewhere positive.

Response 2:Jerry

Loletha said:

["In response to your DB, I believe some of what you stated is true. However, the President came in this trying to correct mistakes made before he came into office. Yes, we have many foreclosures and it is looking up just a little. But, some people need to understand that it takes time to get this economy in a steady flow and you have to make mistakes to get somewhere positive."]

-You are right when you say it takes time to correct the negative economic situation we are in today. However, I cannot see how you can say that Obama was not somewhat involved in creating the economy he inherited. After all, he was a Senator and his voting record tells a tale of political shenanigans no different from most politicians, of course with the exception of maybe Ron Paul. Obama as the President has limited power alone, besides his ability to use executive orders, which require nobody's vote. Many people, who support him, apparently don't understand what his ideology really is and he isn't telling what it is either. His actions will ultimately tell the story over time.
Do you think it is fiscally responsible to continue to spend money we do not have? What if we all did that? Our continued spending will no doubt bankrupt the country and the global monetary fund will no longer be based on a devalued dollar. Do you really understand the implications of continuing down this path? Our founding fathers wrote a Constitution specifically designed to minimize government control because they knew what it did to England. That is why they left and created a republic here. What do you think made America such a great country all these years? Our strength comes from the innovative free market, where any man, no matter what family he is born to, or what race he is, can become independently wealthy through hard work and perseverance.
Just remember this if you really think it is the government's job to take care of you: We the people of this great land control the government, because WE pay their salaries. A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government strong enough to take everything you have. That's what Thomas Jefferson said, and I agree. I like my privacy and my freedom too much to just sit back and let socialization take it from me. That is what it is when the government has too much control in the private sector. Control that people will allow because they are getting free stuff and not having to work for it. This economic structure is not what our Founders envisioned. So yeah, I think Obama was right during the campaign when he said, "We are five days away from fundamentally changing America." Key word here is fundamentally. Takes the change all the way back to the roots of our republic. Change that is not necessary and certainly unwanted by the majority of the people.
Since the topic is on special interests this week, let us not forget Andy Stern. He is the leader of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Obama's number one advisor. At least that is what it seems since he is the most frequent visitor to the White House out of all others. Hrmmm...a special interest UNION PRESIDENT advising the President of the United States. Look up Andy Stern and check out his ideology. It will shed a little light on the true agenda of this administration. I am very concerned about the direction this President is taking the country and we all should try to spend a little more time reading and watching current political events to help us form an educated opinion of our own. Not just going with the general peer group assessment, which is nothing more than popularity opinion. Better yet, watch Fox News as well as the others, to get a different perspective that the lamestream media does not project. It is YOUR country, don't let politicians’ run her into the ground and sacrifice your children's freedom.
Work Cited:

Karl Rove, former G.W. Bush advisor, a term frequently uses “Lamestream”. Not sure of the origin.

Response 3:Kelly

I understand completely as you have stated the President is trying his best to correct 8 years of mistakes. The mortgage plan is failing because people are being trick into get house that they cannot afford not because of his plan. In addition, the plan can help you if you meet the requirements many people have be caught cheating when they go that apply for his plan. I am not stating that it only the peoples fault yes his plan had many flaws but he is doing his best.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Murderers of Africa kill hundreds

Nigeria: More than 200 dead in religious violence

These murders are committed by Muslim extremists. Their acts do NOT represent the beliefs of the religion itself. These murderers use violence and murder as a way to maintain power and their religious beliefs as excuses for them. Honestly, why there hasn't been any foreign military intervention in Africa is BEYOND me. While I do think the U.S. has over extended our generosity to help aid other countries or their people, our government has inexcusably IGNORED the mass slaughtering, and inhumane acts of millions, example 1) Rwanda.Now, today, the horrifying and dehumanizing acts that are happening in the Congo is PROOF that while we, the people of the U.S. voted for a change, and what we have received is seriously lacking in results. Obama should be listed as false advertisement, he's already not kept his word twice now on issues he claimed to solve during election. Our country is diverse and excepting of all social changes. Why we are criticized by the rest of the world for our "American way of life" and our "American way of thinking" and then seeing this, is incredulous. Critics of the U.S., around the world bash us for intervening in a mad mans quest for ethnic superiority by committing genocide, for insuring that we kept our word about giving freedom to a country's people, and protecting those people, now, while they have no government, no military protection, and are on a verge of civil war with each other, and amongst each group! There are hundreds of thousands of ignored outcries from victims all over the world. They are begging for someone to help stop their living nightmare. I question all those who criticize the U.S., Who are you to judge us? What kind of nation would we be to ignore the outcries and pleas for help, from a people who are being slaughtered?!Should we ignore the victims of a country because they are not Americans, and are crying out from another country? Is deviance relative? What we see as murder, rape,pedophilia, human rights atrocity's, etc., in America, is seen as a part of the norm in societies throughout the world. Sadly that is true, but is there a Universal right, or wrong for all humankind? Yes, I believe there is.If deviance is relative, then how is it that people throughout the world have been murdered for going against their culture's/ and society's beliefs? Last year in Dallas/Ft. Worth two teenage girls were murdered by their father, an act referred to as a "honor killing" by their aunt. They knew the risks and what actions would be considered disgracing the family name. Yet they rebelled for their freedom to choose how they wanted to live their life. There father said they became too Americanized. Wow, who would have thought that moving to a country that allows freedom of speech and doesn't strip a woman's rights, would influence those two TEENAGE girls, free thinking and expressing their rights in AMERICA!This is the same story around the world, "honor killings" is just another way to justify murder of a woman in a society and culture that sees women as objects and nothing more.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

UPDATE: Saudi judge anulled marriage of 8 year old girl to 58 year old man...but now another young girl has been sold to a geezer!!!

As of last year the 8 year old girl who was sold to a 58 year old man by her father for money, was freed of the contract. After being denied a divorce by the Saudi court, having members from both families speak out against it, and reaching an outside settlement between the two families, the marriage was granted an annulment.

Unfortunately, it is still legal in Saudi Arabia for a pedophile to marry a pre-schooler. Seriously, is deviance relative?? NO!! Is there a Universal right and wrong?? Their SHOULD BE. I can't believe do many people are referencing Mohommad's marriage to a young girl. When in actuality, he did NOT marry a child. She was betrothed to him, but he did not marry her while she was a child.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Child Marriages..."I want to know. Why are we not doing more?

Obama on Aid in Haiti natural disaster: "I want to know. Why are we not doing more?"

Obama on child marriages:-".............*cricket*...............*cricket*...................*cricket*......."

UPDATE: Grandpa buys 8 year old girl, and makes her his wife?!?!:

A Saudi judge annulled the marriage in May of last year!!!

Now I just hope that they do this morE often...PLEASE!

Friday, April 10, 2009

American Idol "FINALLY" and I cried...

OK, yes, I did think that the blind guy had to go. He wasn't as good as others, but he was better then the black girl on the show. I mean she has like ONE tone! Why did people vote for her! I could NOT believe Anube had less votes then HER! She's not horrible, but she should have gone before him, and Anube should've had more votes for him...quite honestly, I think when it comes down to it, the votes are racially bias. If voters would vote for the best singer...she would have gone at the beginning. I sure do wonder about it fair, or are people still judging on the color of your skin or your talent. anyone else infuriated that they are lip singing to their music numbers with each other?!?!?! They never did that before! What's going on with that???

Taking the stage

There's a fairly new reality t.v. show called "Taking the Stage"'s a really good show. I like watching it, and Mia is amazing. She's a singer/musician/songwriter, and she's very good. I loved her song that she wrote and played in her show case. Of course there has to be a very pointless part of this show, and that's the too too wearing, drama loving, talentless ballerina. I don't even remember her name. Honestly, it's not even important enough to remember. The only thing that's interesting near her is Tyler. He's a boy, who's young and naive, but is an amazing dancer. He just happens to be a normal teenage boy. Who thought he could cheat on his girlfriend on national television, and keep Mia open as an option?!?! If Mia is as smart as I think she is, she'll walk away now. Again here is a show that shows young people at their worst. Drama, drama, and more drama. It's addictive, even I like watching it, well, parts of it.

The Hills have to love these girls...not every girl in America can be so good at "playing" the dimwitted blonde, with the annoying boyfriend. Is it me or does Spencer look like he bought that hair from a spa and glued it to his face...I bet the entire time he was having it plastered to his chin, he was thanking God that Heidi got a Brazilian wax...without her, he'd have no beard....aww Hiedi, the things you do for your man...LOL! OK, back to the issues here...does ANYONE see the negative affect this t.v. show has on the youth who watch it. Are Hiedi and Spencer the couple you want your kids to look at and think "that's what a relationship should be like"...NO!!!Wow...what a TOTAL waste of air time...noone wants to see all that ugly on a t.v. show...BRING BACK JUSTIN BOBBY!!Did you guys catch the premier, or atleast the end of it?! Can we all start singing Kanye West "Gold Digger" at first...sight, I bet you thought that bartender was full of nothing real and everything...fake. Then you listened to her and realized that she has to be a boxed brunette, or maybe her stupidity is because of all the chemicals that seeped through her scalp, and fried her brain...but of course she's not an idiot. She just plays one VERY well. Seriously though, can ANYONE tell me what the "purpose" is for having this on a reality t.v. show. Kids actually think all this crap is REAL! Can we PLEASE start thinking about our childrens psychological health...shows like this influence the young. Is this behavior ok?!Should we be ok with our kids watching this?! Wow, and to think, this is a part of pop culture. Yikes!